Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Shall We Dance

Last week I dragged my manwhore to an open house at the Chelsea Dance Studio where they offer free introductory ballroom dancing lessons. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to take a dance class as my only other dance experience was taking ballet at the tender age of 5 but quit after one year – turned out I wasn’t very graceful. Since I don’t have enough rhythm to do hip hop (not even when my blood alcohol content is through the roof), my next best bet is ballroom dancing. And who wouldn’t be inspired watching Heather Mills (or flinching every time you think her leg is going to fly right out of her body attacking the audience), Steve Sanders from 90210, and Billy Ray’s Achy Breaky Heart shaking their booty on Dancing With the Stars?

When we arrived at the studio (after downing a couple drinks to “loosen up”), we almost had a private lesson when we thought we were the only couple there. But another couple sauntered in late and joined us, or really just held us back. They were a bit slow in learning their steps – never mind the guy was legally blind with a guide dog. Come on people, keep up! She said “lead with your left foot”…LEFT damnit! We learned a few basic steps in the Waltz (not my first choice but the short bus couple picked that one and of course we did way better), Swing and Mambo in the span of 40 minutes. We did pretty well if I may say so myself. Who knew I was semi-coordinated? When the lesson was over, I signed up for two different classes starting in June. TWO hour-long classes meeting once a week!!! One class is Salsa and the other is Merengue/Rumba for beginners. I’m waiting for JLo or Antonio Banderas to walk through the door any minute now to give us lessons…(if you don’t get the reference, you HAVE to rent Shall We Dance and Take the Lead.)

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