Monday, May 7, 2007

Plus One in Pittsburgh

This past weekend I was a "plus one" at a wedding in Pittsburgh (aka Steeler Nation / City of Bridges). It was my first time being a plus one AND my first time visiting the city (not sure why else I would), but Pittsburgh was definitely a pleasant surprise. It's got a breathtaking skyline - especially at night when you gaze across the Allegheny River (or Ohio River - not sure which one I was gazing at). Its many "gold" (more like a rusty yellow) bridges are also a pretty sight in the daytime. And of course it's home to the Steelers - 5-time super bowl champions (like I give a sh*t except everyone I met managed to mention that as part of their self introduction.) It even has its own "language" called Pittsburghese. That's definitely high on my list of must-learn languages - right after Pig Latin.

We visited the Warhol museum which was pretty interesting - even for a non-museum lover like myself. We ate yummy corned beef and fried egg sandwiches stacked way high with french fries and coleslaw inside the sandwiches. We drove to the countryside where I picked asparagus and mint from the garden and fed grass to horses. The fresh clean air did give me a bit of a headache since I'm not really used to that sort of thing.

The wedding itself was your typical Catholic ceremony two hours long with 400 guests. And since the bridal party consisted of 28 bridesmaids and groomsmen, yea 28, the procession itself took an hour. I managed to squeeze in a cat nap at church - I figured being Asian, no one would be able to tell if I'm awake or asleep. I've also never seen such a racially diverse crowd - it was like attending a UN summit with countless shades of WHITE congregated in one room. Just a tad out of place being the only Asian girl there. Furthermore, my date must have abandoned me a thousand times to get drinks and smoke outside with his buddies. Does he not know how shy I am with a paralyzing fear of socializing with strangers? It seems no matter what season it is, I always have this strong urge to stick his skis up his ass. To his credit, we did dance to a couple songs and he even took me out for ice cream the next night. Oh wait - I was too full from dinner so I ended up watching him eat his Peanut Butter Puddles waffle cone ice cream instead (though he was generous enough to let me have 5 and a half bites.) But all in all, it was a good time. My weekend in Sh*tsburgh, I mean Pittsburgh, ended with a 4am wakeup call to catch a 6am flight back to JFK and made it to work by 9:30.

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Alice said...

I think if he left you with a couple more drinks, you'll be perfectly fine by yourself. :P