Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Misses in the City

Although I've enjoyed just about every restaurant or social outing I've been to in the past couple months, there have been a few misses. Two weekends ago my friend Shesha visited from DC, and when you have a guest for the entire weekend, you have to cater to their whims - even when it's going to some bar to watch the Sopranos finale - a show neither one of us follows. Yep, Shesha thought it'd be a great idea to find a bar showing the finale like they do sporting events. So after dinner, we wandered over to Little Italy - and surprise surprise - found a bar where the Sopranos shot some restaurant scenes and was showing the finale for a mere 20 bucks. 20 bucks! Despite my violent protest, Shesha made me pay the $20 entrance fee to go in to the bar AND it was too crowded for both of us to have seats (which we had to carry the chairs into the bar ourselves). So she sat the first half of the show and when my legs got too tired from standing for 45 minutes, I made her give me her seat. On top of that nonsense, the show ended with a blank screen which everyone thought was a glitch in the cablebox. Funny thing is I canceled my HBO/Cinemax package after my first month here because I wasn't home enough to justify paying the $20 additional fee (oh the irony!)

Then this past weekend my other friends were visiting from DC. And although I was sick with a fever and had swollen lymph nodes on my neck, Sylvia called me a hypochondriac and made me come out to Buddakhan (9th Ave. and 16th St.) for dinner at 11:45. Again, catering to my out of town friends, I dragged myself out of bed against my better judgment. Although it was great catching up with Sylvia, Kyung and Nathan, the restaurant itself was nothing to write home about. The decor was exquisite but the food was nothing more than a glorified P.F. Chang's (which as we know is just glorified Chinese food - but at least we're actually full when we leave Pak Foo's. Yea I'm totally making up what P.F. stands for but it sounds about right.) Like anything in the city, portions are inversely related to price. When you have to pay $44 for peking duck (which you can get in Chinatown for $8), you are still left hungry and could easily go for pizza after your three-course meal.

Speaking of misses, my fever still hasn't gone away so I missed work (which as a contractor is very expensive to do) as well as my salsa lesson last night. I had tickets to see Erasure and Cyndi Lauper which I also missed. Being sick SUCKS in so many ways!


Anonymous said...

Evan! You fix this.. our visit was not a "miss".. fix this now! And put pics up! If you're swollen lymphnodes have not put an end to you yet, I will! Love you and kisses... sylvia!

ms.e said...

AHAHAHA yes Sylvia - I said the RESTAURANT was a miss - not your visit! I LOVE YOU!!! And look how good you look in your picture which is all that matters isn't it?

Anonymous said...

You suck woman. The Sopranos finale was all the water cooler talk the entire week. You're lucky I dragged you to that bar, otherwise you would've been left out of pop-culture moment #5678. You'll thank me in 20 years :-)